Resin Keepsakes

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Resin flower keepsakes

What a beautify way to save your wedding bouquet.

You can also add your wedding photos to it with our photo video scan

all you do is scan the resin keepsake with your phone and your beautiful wedding photos will show up in a video. funfunfun

 You will receive a E-Mail message, to tell you where to ship your flowers to.

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This is a wonderful way to create a custom keepsake to cherish your sentimental memories for a life time.
Flowers are casted in a clear resin to admire forever.
Fresh flowers or already dried ones can be used and are handled with the utmost care. All pieces are custom created for each individual’s preferences. Many options are available and I am also open to your suggestions.

Once you place your  order, I will email you a confirmation and provide you with further instructions on packaging and shipping. 

We accept flowers that have already been dried from past special occasions.

Best if dried hanging upside down.

(May not use all of your flowers, it depends on size of resin ordered, extra flowers will not be returned)

 You are also responsible for all duty and taxes. All sales are final, No refunds will be given.

{Preservation & creation}
Your flowers will be carefully groomed and deconstructed for the drying process. This can take 2-4 weeks to ensure the flowers are completely dried and ready to cast. Please note some flowers & greenery can change color & shapes during the drying process. Some flowers are better suited to drying than others, (succulents can not be dried and preserved).
If you have a special item you would like to include in your order, let me know.
Once all the flowers have dried,  Simply let me know if you have a specific vision, I’m happy to make that happen. 

{Final Touch Ups}
After the keepsake has fully cured, additional work such as sanding, polishing or even a final layer of resin may be added.

*Please note* Your flowers may change in colours or size and I can not foresee how each flower will react during the drying and casting process until it’s completed. Your finished item will include small bubbles; I do my best to minimize these as much as possible. In some instances, you may also see small indents on the surface, this is also something I cannot control. Overall, these are very small imperfections that will not be very noticeable on your piece.

{Sit back and relax!}
I’ll keep you posted along the process that can take 6-8 weeks once I receive your flowers. You may contact me if you have any questions at anytime.

*Keep pieces out of direct sunlight, since they may fade or yellow*

Sorry,  Only Ship in the U.S.A